Tuesday, June 28, 2011


OIEUGAIGN, okay i have never written a blog (or anything for public eye) for that matter.  i didn't know how to start my very first posting, so i just needed to put something on paper (so to speak) to get the ball rolling. okay, i feel good. i can do this.

we leave for Africa next month. Dakar, Senegal to be exact. So many things have been running through my mind that most of the time i just tell myself to stop. God bless naivety.

However kyle and i do get the chance to talk once in awhile and we decided to write down some questions/hopes/expectations to have answered/addressed throughout the next year. mind you we know some of them are quite lofty...

1.get a feel for what world missions looks like

2.experience 3rd world living

3.how does it feel to be the minority-not only in race but in religion

4.to see 'public health issues" first hand

5.hoping our kids remember some inkling of life in Senegal

6.expecting our kids to adapt to life in Africa quicker than us

7.expecting the heat to be similar to that of hell

8.kyle says he is expecting to be challenged more by the students than by him challenging them

in a nutshell, we are ready(or so we think) to see what life outside of America looks like.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It has taken us 4 weeks to get this silly email out.  We are both relieved.  Yeppee!  Thanks for visiting the blog.  More to come...