Monday, May 7, 2012

Failure comes in an 8x8 pan

Background: vegan diet, ex-pat in Africa
Scene: cockroach kitchen, 3rd floor apartment
Characters: Adult-interaction deprived mother-Faith
      sous chef- Charlie

I miss baked goods, the ONE downfall of a vegan diet (other downfalls made include but are not limited to, missing:  ice cream, yogurt, grilled cheese, heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, Alfredo sauce)
So today I tried my hand at 97% vegan chocolate chip cookies. I ran out of white flour about a week ago, but I was not to be swayed. I am vegan hear me roar; I am also a woman who needs chocolate.  Ingenuity begin!
I saw on a vegan blog that one could make oat flour by simply grinding oatmeal. I have a blender and I have oatmeal, now I have oat flour. Moving on.  After my sous chef carefully measured out all our ingredients we began rolling the cookies.

 They were a bit oily. None the less who am I, a baby vegan, to know any better.
I should have known better.

Sad, so sad.

Alas, I can fix this, ingenuity continues.  What could be better than cookie bars?  All parts resembling cookie were mushed together and thrown into an 8 x8 pan. The result was not all that appetizing. 
Marshmallows?  I have marshmallows.  The fluffy white hero in this play.
Marshmallows, scattered over top to create, not chocolate chips cookies, nor cookie bars, but rocky road crumble.  Pop the pan back in the oven for 2 minutes and Voila!  Close curtain.