Sunday, August 28, 2011

bugs, bugs, bugs

where to begin?  all week has been full of new and exciting things. talibe center (more on that later), drama club meeting, kyle and i's first date night in Africa.  all this and i believe i will write about bugs. awesome.

i kill ants daily. ants in the sink, countertops and the floors. no ants in my pants. whew! 

we have a measly fly swatter. it does nothing. the flies here are really fast. (or i am really slow) kyle tries to catch him in his hand.  Mr. Miyagi style. again it does nothing. apparently we are both slow.

cockroaches. i have seen 4 in our apt. one which landed on my shirt. where it came from i have no idea. kyle chased it around the house smacking away unsuccessfully. he doesnt like to hear/feel the crunch. i would say "man up" but i prefer to just scream irrationally. if only high pitched screams were lethal to cockroaches.

and lastly mosquitos!  if ever i am having self-esteem issues i can take comfort in the fact that mosquitos love me uncontrollably. almost to the point of stalking. they hang out in my closet, wrap themseves up in my bath towels, and buzz around my ears while i try sleep. i wore long pants to bed last night hoping to keep the mosquitio bites at bay, unlike the ants, i did end up with mosquitos in my pants.

itchy in africa, faith


nabrissa said...

there's a trick to get rid of those measly cockroaches... did you guys get the red recipe book during orientation!?!? if you did; there's a recipe in there called something like cockroach cookies or something like that... you add those ingredients together, leave the "cookies" in your drawers or wherever you've noticed the most cockroaches and within a few days they should all be gone; the other thing is you don't want to leave food or drink or anything sweet laying around overnight - rinse everything if you don't care to wash everything in your kitchen every night (that trick out to help with ants as well - some) and taht should do it... as for cockroaches, you should have mosquito nets on yoru windows!?!? right!?!? or are they coming thorugh the crack at the bottom? i think there's a way to remedy that as well, i'll have to stop by sometime to see if it'll work...

Anonymous said...

I really hope this bug thing is not constant and there is a way to handle the mosquitos especially. The holy week article was interesting. Really thinking about Charlie and how she is processing the contrast between eclectic Denver and the less eclectic Dakardorf? (That's a KJK geoplay on Dakar) Meave I am not as concerned about since she is so young she is likely just "rolling" with the new environ a little easier. I just wanted you to know we are here keeping up with you and our prayers are with yo without ceasing. There could be long gaps in our communication but I'll be back. Since my comments are easily recognizeable, I might not even always disclose as I haven't figured out the blog software totally yet. God Bless you all from the middle of the world...the Illinois part of the world!!

Ali said...

Oh my! I would be going crazy with all the bugs too! I think the three kind of bugs you talked about are three of my most hated. Spiders being the other. Can't say that I blame Kyle for his cockroach killing phobia... I can't kill anything that crunches either. Gross!!!!
Doesn't the bug spray work? Are you spraying all your clothes with that clothing spray?
Will say some prayers for you.

Andrea said...

*shudder* I can't imagine the cockroaches. Ants would be a pain, definitely, but at least they're little and easily squashed. Mosquitos...oh, I do not like them. And flies are also annoying - it's so satisfying to swat them, so I'm sure it's frustrating to constantly miss!! I'm totally with Kyle on the dislike of hearing/feeling the crunch. I lived in the basement at my parents' house and had a method for taking care of the many bugs (crickets, spiders, beetles, etc) without touching them - even through a kleenex. I hear cockroaches are pretty quick, though, so I don't think it'd work. It uses a dixie cup (or any cup) and a piece of paperboard to slide under it...and then you can flush it or take it outside. I didn't like to waste the water, so I usually just took it outside. Sometimes I threw it out right in front of the cats. I think I might be evil.
Anyway, keep on keeping on and know that I am totally feeling for you. Looking forward to hear about more of those other things, like date night and such. What's the fun thing to do around there?
Miss you guys!!

Mel said...

I'll pray for you!