Thursday, August 11, 2011

i'll try that, and that, and that

no surprise, i love food. i thought africa may let me down in this arena.  sanitation practices arent always a high priority.  flour needs to be frozen and sifted to remove weevils(ugh...shiver); who wants to eat when it is so hot. apparently none of the above have affected me like i thought they would.

kyle and i attended a friendly futbol game between morroco and senegal yesterday. i am not a huge soccer fan, but wanted to catch some culture. and culture i recieved, culinary culture!  my favorite. if i were to get a food borne illness-last night would have been the time. i cant resist cheap stadium food. our first delicacy was a frozen concoction made from baobab juice that is contained in a plastic bag with the loose end tied. to eat it they kindly wrap one end in torn newspaper and you bite off a corner of the bag and suck it out. AHH-MAZING!  next we enjoyed a citrus loaf of some sort. not exactly sure what it was but i wanted bread.  then a fellow DA game attendee insisted we have some bissap juice. minty cranberry juice is how i would describe it. after the game kyle and i were still ravenous. we decided since we had already indulged in some local street food that we should continue the trend and if we got sick then we wouldn't know what did it. we walked to the "meat stick" guy. i am sure he has a real name, but this is all i have heard him referred to as.  he has meat on a stick, grills it, puts it between a bread loaf with mustard and onions and some seasoning and calls it good. and man is it! 

best part is, kyle and i both feel great 24 hours later. 

Baobab tree

frozen baobab juice (those are plastic bags, mind you...filled with goodness!)


Aunt Regina said...

It will funny to look back in a year and see how you described all of this! By then you will not be able to remember what a Big Mac tastes like! So good to read your blog, Faith! I am praying for you all!

Mel said...

mmmm...meat on a stick! sounds devine.