Monday, November 21, 2011

food sentences...ya know, sentences about food

our fridge is currently on the outs. our whipping cream is curdling.

our freezer is stock full of rice and whole wheat flour. really, like 8lbs of flour. (to kill weevils)

sometimes we go through an insane amount of matches trying to get our oven pilot light going.
instead of just containers of flour and sugar on the counter i have also added insecticide.

there is no dishwasher or garbage disposal. luxuries i certainly miss.

i have learned to make my own ranch dressing, syrup, and ricotta cheese. who knew???

a staple senegalese meal consists of rice, potatoes, carrots, and sauce and lots of onions.

i love that you can get fresh bread at any of the neighborhood boutiques.

kyle typically watches the girls while i finish dinner, however, last month i came out of the kitchen and found the following...true story.

patiently waiting charlie

mischievous maeve

kyle, self-explanatory...

some regular items at stores in the states look a bit different in Senegal.  guess the vegetable below.

answer: the wimpiest celery i have ever seen.

bleaching fruits and vegetables doesnt sound strange to me anymore.


my cooking skills here in Senegal have been seriously challenged. i will overcome.


Senegal Daily said...

Nod, nod, nod... Well, not the story with the fingers near the fan part. But the rest - spot on.

We are women (in the kitchen). Hear us roar.

Jason, Kate and Tait Miller said...

So miss you guys. As the holidays fast approach its much more the case. Keep the blog coming! Love to you all! Hey....can I get an address for you guys.

Adrienne said...

You're awesome. I'm truly in awe of your ability to cook with so many bugs; I'd be yelping every few seconds.

P.S. I made lemon bars and brownies in the same day last week. Sound familiar? :)