Monday, November 14, 2011

maybe we aren't so different after all

tabaski, oh tabaski...basically its alot of sheep.

once upon a time a man named abraham had a son, ishmael (and isaac). God had abraham sacrifice his son,ishmael. sad. just before the sacrifice was to be made, God provided a sheep instead. happy.

so to celebrate the Lord's provision, muslims celebrate once a year on the holiday known as tabaski.
sheep lot

a few weeks prior to tabaski sheep lots started going up. muslims rushed out to pick the best sheep their money could buy ($200-$1000).  the sheep were thrown in the back of cars and trucks or strapped to the roof and happily delivered home.

ram in the back of a taxi

preparations were made for the big day well in advance, new clothes tailored, gifts bought, special dishes brought out. travel plans made to return to the village to see friends and family.

a bit nuts here in muslim country.

other side of the globe...

a fallen world seperated from God. sad. Jesus born to be our ultimate sacrifice to restore our separation from God. happy

so to celebrate God's greatest gift, christians celebrate once a year on the holiday known as Christmas.

picking out the christmas tree to bestow in the window. figuring out a way to get it home...

black friday christmas shopping, new outfits for Christmas pictures and church, Christmas lights and Christmas dishes, crazy holiday travel from one family to the next...

the sanity of a christian country?


Kelley Gray said...

Hey Faith!! Thank you for your post. I think my daughter would be a bit more excited about bringing a sheep home instead of a tree...
We miss you and love you guys!

Danica/Dream said...

It would be totally fun to try to stuff a sheep in the back of a car!

Mo said...

Faith, do you and Kyle remember that scene from Tommy Boy with the deer in the backseat of the car? Your picture of the sheep in the car brings back memories of that movie! Ha!