Monday, January 23, 2012

Ile de Ngor

Kyle had no school last Monday, not because of MLK, but because of a softball tournament. We, however, did not participate in either. Plus I am unsure of what exactly to do to celebrate MLK day...

so, we took the time to head to an island off the coast of Dakar. Ile de Ngor.

we took our very own tour guide, therese. really, our house-helper. not much of a tour guide considering the language barrier, however it was fun to have her join us and have an extra set of eyes on the girls

to get to the island you pay approximately $1 and take a pirogue (boat) across.

the island was clean (a welcome sight indeed!) and had beautiful architecture and flora. we meandered all through the island and admired the sites and scenery.


the island was also spotted with random art/graffiti. even the concrete benches were beautiful.

Ile de Ngor is home to the infamous surf breaks, Ngor right and Ngor left, from Endless Summer.

somebody's pet pelican, true story

and this was the view of the mainland from the island. you can even make out the $27 million bronze statue in the background. quite a worthwhile investment by the current president....ya know...given the 40% unemployment rate and all.

we made it back home exhausted. every new outing is always bit stressful. however, we look forward to another trip back to the island now that we know what to expect. 



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gita said...

Hi Kilsingers! Oh,I'm such a bad neighbor, not keeping up! You are missed! We have new fab neighbors in the hood (Lilija, who is 2, will probably be your fave) to introduce you to. All here is well. And cold. Your car is happy. Hugs!