Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello my name is Faith and I am a vegan

Kyle and I like documentaries, entertaining yet educational.

Three weeks ago we watched Forks over Knives. A documentary emphasizing the benefits of a plant-based diet (vegan).  If you like meat and dairy products then I do not suggest you watch it.  Point being, it is persuasive.   This prompted some vegan googling.  I came across a site that offered a 3 week vegan meal plan ( This sounded like a food challenge I was up for.
Bring on them beans!

One would think that being a vegan is a challenge and doubly challenging to be a vegan in Africa. Rest assured my friends it is not, especially when this is what the meat looks like. 

So the only challenge at this point is to cut out dairy. Much to my surprise and delight soy milk is sold here. This is quite a welcome site as we have only been using powdered milk and I was more than delighted to give that up.  So here I am 2 weeks into my vegan challenge. I would say I have about a 90% success rate. Chocolate is my downfall.
I have made some really yummy things
zucchini sandwich

Best surprise thus far has been chocolate avocado cake.  Scary looking, but oh so good.

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