Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break

The beauty of a missionary/boarding school is that breaks are long enough for kids to fly back and actually spend a decent amount of time with their families. for us it means 2 weeks of vacation! 5 of these days were spent in Saly(touristy beach area about 2 hours south of Dakar) with some friends.
Off we go!

Half the fun of taking a car trip is the amazing things you see on the sides of the road. Like this meat shop that obvioulsy values cleanliness...obvioulsy.

from the car window

Even though horse carts are quite common in Dakar, we never tire of seeing them and is something the girls and kyle and i will miss when we are back in the States.

from the car window

The 5 days were spent hanging out at the beach with the girls. The evenings involved coffee, hang time with friends and many games of Ticket to Ride.

We ended the trip by stopping at Bandia Game Park for lunch. An amazing site, eating brick oven pizza next to crocodiles, monkeys, and lizards. 

We were thankful for a time of rest and rejuvenation. Just what was needed to recharge us for our last 2 months in Senegal.

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